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NXT, LLC specializes in industry proven Automatic Flight Inspection solutions for flight inspection and validation. NXT provides development and longterm support for all avaition technology needs. NXT was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Gregg Wadley and began providing service to the USA Government FAA in 2004. NXT is an Oklahoma corporation based in Oklahoma City. NXT was established with a clear vision to assemble a talented team of experienced professionals in order that the organization would become a powerful problem solving tool for its customers. In a relatively short amount of time, NXT has brought together a group of the world's foremost experts in the Automatic Flight Inspection field and acquired the intellectual property to become a world leader in Flight Inspection Systems.

Under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organization, aviation administrations of each country throughout the world have a mission of providing safety of flight operations in their geographic areas. One of the tools used in implementing this mission is Flight Inspection, which is simply defined by the FAA as "the various airborne evaluations of the navigation aids and flight procedures which are a vital part of the national airspace system."

NXT's Automatic Flight Inspection product line includes a full spectrum of Flight Inspection Systems and products. Product line team members design, develop and assemble a broad range of Flight Inspection Systems and products in order to meet highly specialized application requirements.

Product breadth ranges from Semiautomatic Digital Radio Telemetry Theodolite (DRTT/ Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and differential GPS (DGPS) positioning systems to Automatic Inertial reference units, laser tracking, GPS/DGPS Flight Inspection Systems (GFIS) portable carry on board systems, and AFIS Systems utilizing inertial, laser tracking, television positioning systems, or DGPS. An impending contract with the Federal Aviation Administration will give NXT a true foothold in this highly specialized field.

NXT has the capability to locate, hire and support the exact kind of mission-critical talent our clients need. In our support role, we do not dominate the course of our clients; instead, we serve as a powerful leverage tool to provide access to the skills and technologies that may be difficult to obtain or somehow unavailable to our clients. Through our firm, our clients have access to a pool of outstanding technical personnel that supplement their resources and amplify the effectiveness of their organizations. When our clients are faced with new challenges, NXT can act quickly to assemble a team with the right mix of skills and experience, even in the most technically demanding arenas. When an organization is without the necessary resources, NXT can fill in the missing pieces that threaten mission effectiveness.

Established in 2004 NXT supports Flight Inspection products with a 25 year history of service. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the state of the art.

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