Television Positioning System (TVPS)

NXT has developed a Second Generation Television Positioning System (TVPS) Video Capture Subsystem that is used to photograph the Threshold and Runway End during Flight Inspection runway approaches. The Images are used for determining an accurate position "Fix" at each end of the runway. The TVPS System is used in conjunction with the Radio Altimeter to negate the drift commonly associated with the Inertial Navigation Systems. TVPS is used for ILS, PAR/VGSI, GPSNP and WAAS Inspections.

Over 40 of these systems have been delivered and are currently used in United States FAA Aircraft.

Computer Features
  • Single Board Computer
    • Celeron M Processor (Upgradeable to Pentium Class)
    • Can run standard Win32 applications (64 Bit Optional)
  • Windows XP Embedded Operating System

    Allows for custom configuration of Windows XP (Windows 7, 8 Optional)

  • Ruggedized ATR Short Enclosure
  • Solid State Hard Disk Drive
  • Front Panel Status Indicators
Camera Features
  • Line Scan Camera
    • Solid State
    • 2048 Pixel Resolution
    • 14um Pixel Size
  • Custom Machined Enclosure
    • Internal Heater
    • Face Plate Heater
    • Ruggedized Design
    • Extended Temperature Range
    • Single Military Connector
  • Camera Link Interface

Established in 2004 NXT supports Flight Inspection products with a 25 year history of service. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the state of the art.

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